Sa Ta Na Ma
Restorative Yoga Transformation Workshop

Experience the transition of winter to spring in this equinox-inviting workshop. Through a supported, nurturing and loving restorative practice, we will focus on the meridians of the body timed with the season of spring, representing the wood element of nature.

In this two-hour workshop, practitioners will experience restorative asanas, both passive and active (feeling of opening the body), along with some Yin postures. We will clear the remaining winter-water energy to create harmony in the mind and body, offsetting unsettling feelings at the shift to spring, while fostering feelings of tenderness and kindness, along with compassion.

Join me for this special workshop on 3/21 and welcome your mind, body and spirit to spring.

Space is limited. Please sign up online in advance. Click the workshops tab to register.
3-5 pm

Join me for a special Acoustic Candlelight Flow practice on November 28 at 7:00 pm at Kula Yoga featuring live music by John Adler. Class is all levels and moderately paced in a softly lit setting. Explore your breath and movement in harmony. Please sign up for this class in advance as space is limited. Click here to register.

About John Adler, the Musician

"Sometimes it takes traveling far from home to find out where you come from." So says John Adler, who’s spent half his life on the road combing the sites, lights and shadows of creation for signs of the sacred among paths of the profane. Mixing influences of outlaw country and folk with an edge, he sings his own style of Americana with a beat-up old Gibson and harmonicas. With stories and poetry from the Aleutian Islands to Istanbul, from Baku to Berkeley, he brings the foreign home to the familiar. A rich cross-section of humanity's diverse character seeps into acoustic grooves often driven by deep-seated reflection. As his lyrics declare, though “Trouble never starves,” somewhere above the modern maladies of man, “The sky is still as blue as when Adam first kissed Eve.” Listen to Son of Mel John Adler.

John, son of Mel, harkens back to a time when sons were named after their fathers and we honored the generations that came before us and those that come after. We become better stewards of the present moment when there is an awareness that we could not be who we are if it weren't for the footsteps of those that have helped us along the way.